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Day #1

A new scholar year, a new "Romanian Master of Informatics" edition, the sixth, hosted by the "Tudor Vianu" High School of Computer Science started today, October the 10th 2018. The Romanian contestants were joined by students from Bulgaria, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Greece. They were welcomed in the events hall, where students Anca Ghinea and Rareș Ionescu presented the competing teams and the artistic moments. Important parts were the keynotes of our school's principal, Mrs. Corina-Elena Vinț, counselor Mr. Manuel Vieru, inspector Mrs. Ștefania Penea and the representatives of our sponsors. The president of the student council, Radu Minea, held a professional speech about performance. Then, the participants were taken to dinner by their guides.

We wish them all good luck!

See you tomorrow!

Ines Cristina Cuțaru

Day #2

Today the second day of the computer science contest took place. The contestants were welcomed in the labs of the "Tudor Vianu" High School of Computer Science and received three problems to solve. After lunch, the participants visited the centre of Bucharest in their free time, going to the Palace of the Parliament, one of the boldest buildings in the city. The day ended with a walk on Calea Victoriei (Victory Way), headed to the student accomodation were they stayed.

Tomorrow there will be a new challenge.

Good luck everybody!

Alexandra-Iolanda Mereșescu

Day #3

The 12th of October marks the end of the 6th edition of Romanian Master of Informatics. The participants entered the computer science labs of the "Tudor Vianu" High School of Computer Science early in the morning, ready to solve the three problems. After five hours in front of the computers and after lunch, the competitors visited Muzeul Satului (the Village Museum) in Herăstrău Park. Then, they returned to the events hall of the high school for the ending ceremony that started with a great artistic moment. The events of the afternoon were presented by Anca Ghinea and Rareș Ionescu, who introduced the people who awarded the winners. Mr. Victor Manz, computer science teacher, offered the bronze medals, Andrei Stankievici, the leader of the team Russia Nord-West, awarded the silver medals, and Mr. Cătălin Frâncu, president of the scientific committee of RMI awarded the gold medals. Mr. Cristian Frâncu, representative of the Frâncu Foundation, partner of the contest, offered the RMI 2018 Trophy. After this long day, the contestants, guides and teachers were invited in the main hall of the high school to take part in a banquet. At the end, they went back to the student dorms.

We congratulate them for their results and wish them good luck!

See you next year!

Ines Cristiana Cuțaru